Hygiene Supplies

The first places that the majority of people think of when the words "hygiene supplies" are mentioned is either a hospital, care home or any similar building where the cleanliness standards need to be exceptionally high at all times.

A week doesn't pass without images being shown on television of hospital corridors with the floor polishers whirring round, and doctors and nurses congregating around the soap dispensers in the ward. There needs to be supplies of bar, cartridge and pump soaps available at all time together with hand air-drying machines which reduce the need for towels, as dirty towels can breed germs.

Care homes which look after elderly folk have to ensure that all hygiene supplies are used on every occasion. The problem for them is that although all the staff will remember to wash their hands regularly, the residents may need reminding. This is part of staff training, and as long as they remain diligent, hopefully there won't be a problem.

There are many other places where hygiene issues may cause a problem, albeit unwittingly. Shopping centres have a huge amount of traffic and air conditioning units must be regularly checked. Another issue which can apply is that large buildings can smell musty or damp even when they are perfectly dry. The use of air fresheners which are available by spray or automatic and plug-in delivery systems may make a huge difference to residents who may not otherwise be interested in using those specific rooms.

It is now really important to make sure that all safety measures are adhered to on every single occasion. The correct usage of hygiene supplies can not only ensure the safety of its visitors or residents; those products which deliver a pleasant odour into the atmosphere are known to raise the spirits. Obviously, this is a welcome bonus, but not one which should be underestimated.

Whether in a hospital, shopping centre or care home or any other building which has a fair amount of traffic it is really essential that all washroom supplies are checked regularly to ensure that items don't run out before the next delivery. A running inventory of all stock items is essential to make sure that bleaches, disinfectants and sanitisers, together with toilet cleaners and toilet brushes and holders don't become too low.

With the correct use of hygiene supplies on every occasion, there really shouldn't be any excuse for premises to be anything other than spotlessly clean. As the old saying goes – practice makes perfect. While these super-bugs are still in evidence, everyone needs to ensure that they are not being carried from place to place. If everyone does their bit, then perhaps the situation will improve sooner rather than later.

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