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NCS Cleaning supplies and Cleaning products are proud of our wide selection of quality cleaning products, whether you're looking for a regular supplier of cleaning products for your organisation or you are searching for a particular product we can supply what you need at the best prices.

Below is a selection of our recommended cleaning products essentials

Air Freshener Aerosol from £0.45p each
There are many reasons why air freshener is used. The obvious one is to eliminate bar odours! But for many organisations they are used to give their premises a signature smell, or just to give a finishing touch to a newly cleaned room. Choose from a warming Apple & Cinnamon fragrance, a delicate rose aroma, a refreshing Citrus Sunburst, the classic English fragrance of Lavender or the delightful fresh scent of spring flowers.

Spray and Wipe Bactericidal Cleaner from £1.03
This fast acting cleaning product is versatile enough to use on many different surfaces including vinyl, hard worktops, stainless steel and also painted surfaces and is a favourite of many of our customers as they don't need to buy different products for different surfaces.

J Cloths Pack of 50 from £1.88
Despite many technological advances over the last few years, there is yet to be a more effective way to clean surfaces than with a J cloth! These excellent quality handy clothes are thick enough to clean effectively but inexpensive enough to dispose of and ensure hygiene standards are met.

Metal Dustpan from £5.41
Like many of us when selecting cleaning products, or any other products for that matter, there is a tendency to just reach for the cheapest option and forget that all products, including cleaning products have their own benefits! Dustpans for instance, although it seems they are all the same, they are certainly not ! Investing in a good quality dustpan can save many valuable minutes for your kitchen/cleaning staff and can make the difference in hygiene control. A metal dustpan is extremely hard wearing and will last longer than most plastic ones.

Bulkpack Toilet Tissue Pack of 36
One of life's few essentials! This is one of our most popular cleaning products in our toilet tissue range as not only is it very cost effective its also surprisingly soft and of high quality for bulk buy toilet tissue.

Black Sacks Box of 200 from £6.50
Again another essential which we can't seem to live without! If you go through a large quantity of black sacks its certainly worth buying in bulk, we recommend you take advantage of our bulk discounts for big savings across our range. These black sacks are of medium duty, meaning they are great for every day use.

Industrial washing up liquid 1 litre from £0.96
We recommend this industrial washing up liquid from our range of kitchen cleaning products, if you are looking to stock up on products for a busy kitchen or simply would like to bulk buy to save cash. This high quality, high strength, washing up liquid is great to have in stock too if you run a large kitchen in case your dish-washing machine goes on the blink! Imagine the horror!

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