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Ncsonline offers a wide selection of hand brushes, brooms and dustpans for domestic and industrial use all across the UK and Europe.

Our domestic and industrial cleaning brooms and brushes are available for sale at the most competitive prices in the industry. If you cannot find a product on our site please enquire with us as we have access to 1000's of products across many of the main manufacturers in the cleaning industry

  • Heavy Duty Wire Scratch Brush 290mm QUICK VIEW Heavy Duty Wire Scratch Brush 290mm £1.99

    Heavy Duty Wire Scratch Brush 290mm


    Heavy Duty 290mm Wire Scratch Brush. This product is ideal for removing rust, old paint from metal surfaces.
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  • Hygiene Nail Brush 9.5cm QUICK VIEW Hygiene Nail Brush 9.5cm £0.65

    Hygiene Nail Brush 9.5cm


    Hygiene Colour Coded Nail Brush. Machine Washable. White with coloured bristles.  Available in Black, Blue, Red and Yellow
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  • Salmon Hygiene Hand Brush 280mm B1061 QUICK VIEW Salmon Hygiene Hand Brush 280mm B1061 £2.25

    Salmon Hygiene Hand Brush 280mm B1061


    280mm Hand Brush with a polyester fill. This is ideal for cleaning heavy particles. Soft and Stiff Bristles available. Colour Coded
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  • Stiff Scrubbing Brush 240mm QUICK VIEW Stiff Scrubbing Brush 240mm £3.85

    Stiff Scrubbing Brush 240mm


    Waxed beech union mix hand scrubbing brush. Stiff bristled, 240mm long. 
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  • Washing Up Brush QUICK VIEW Washing Up Brush £0.99

    Washing Up Brush


    Standard Deluxe washing up brush with stiff nylon bristles.
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