Numatic Charles CVC 370



Wet or dry vac. with powerful 1200W two stage motor. Comes with safety float valve for wet use & big filters and disposable dust bags for dry use. Standard kit is A21A which has aluminium (non rusting) tubes and two floor nozzles, one for wet work and a combination nozzle for carpets & hard floors

You want a vacuum cleaner that is totally without compromise, be it for wet or dry use, and thats exactly what you get with the Charles.

One minute (or most of the year in the majority of cases) Charles will be up to his neck in dust and dirt, keeping everything spic and span. Then, suddenly, the call arrives and hes expected to unblock the sink or dry the floor. Well, its no problem with Charles.

Big filters and disposable dust bags for dry use and a safety float valve for wet pick-up

Tubes are lightweight aluminum and they will never rust

Two floor nozzles, one for wet and a combination nozzle for carpets and hard floors that has a stainless steel high-efficiency carpet plate

Crevice tool, soft dusting brush and upholstery nozzle also included 12 month guarantee

Includes Charles tool Accessory Kit

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