Dyson Carpet Cleaning Kit



Genuine Dyson vacuum cleaner Carpet Cleaning Kit

This Carpet Cleaning Kit keeps your carpet clean and protected, and your home smelling fresh.

The kit includes:
- Zorb Pouch: This carpet maintenance powder keeps carpets looking new, even in heavily used walkways. The Dyson Zorb Pouch has millions of tiny sponges that absorb dirt from your carpet - powerful Dyson suction then vacuums them away. 750g

- Groomer Tool: Long bristles to work Zorb cleaning powder deep into carpet and grooming action to activate cleaning agents in zorb powder.

- Dyzolv Spot Cleaner: Spot cleaner with 4 active agents for carpets and rugs. Cleans spots and spills such as grease, food, drinks and soil. Ideal for wool and stain-resistant carpets - pH neutral and environmentally friendly. 250ml bottle.

Suitable for Dyson DC01, DC03, DC04, DC07, DC14, DC18, DC19 T2, DC21, DC23 T2, DC25, DC27, DC33, DC39, DC40, DC50 vacuum cleaners

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