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Regardless of the size of business, the one thing that they will all require is a selection of cleaning products and supplies. Many small business owners employ a cleaner for a couple of hours each day either before the start of the business day, or in the evening when all the staff have gone home.

Even the smallest of offices will need some basic cleaning material including a vacuum cleaner, dusters and window cleaning supplies. Although there are many window cleaners who will clean the outside glass, normally they're not keen on cleaning the windows inside of a building, particular outside of business hours. It usually falls on the person who is cleaning the office to clean the inside of the glass.

One of the very popular ranges of vacuum cleaners is the "Henry" with its famous smiley face and which trundles around behind its user. Henry has been available for many years and is highly thought of as an inexpensive commercial vacuum cleaner. There are many other vacuums in the range; however the one recognised the most is the red smiley Henry! There has been, particularly in the last decade, a huge wave of interest in steam cleaning. These are specific steam cleaners which clean and sanitise the various surfaces without the need for using chemical products. Although it is possible to buy steam cleaning machines which cost hundreds of pounds and are extremely competent, there is a greater demand for portable, handheld steam cleaners which do exactly the same job. These are available for about fifty pounds, are really easy to operate – place cold water into the reservoir, plug in and wait for a few seconds for the water to heat to the correct temperature and then it's ready. These small machines weigh very little and deal with many cleaning problems. They are usually available with different attachments included in the price. These can include a separate window cleaning squeegee, a nozzle to help with cleaning of hobs and ovens and microfibre cloths etc. Considering their low price point these handheld machines do a lot of work and can even remove stains from carpets.

Whatever items are used in the cleaning of offices or other commercial buildings, things have certainly moved forward in the last ten years, in fact for many small businesses where belts are being tightened, employees are taking on the cleaning duties on a rota basis. They are spending the first and last thirty minutes of the working day in cleaning the office and emptying the bins. Some companies arrange for a different staff member each day, and others arrange it for one week at a time. Employees feel that they are doing their bit in order to help their business save a little money, and the business owner recognises the contribution made by members of staff. The financial savings which are being made every week are turned into small treats for the staff members. This way everyone gains and no-one feels that they are being taken for granted.

This won't work for every business, especially larger ones where there is a more structured arrangement in place, which doesn't leave much room for manoeuvre. Smaller companies which have a more relaxed, informal approach may appreciate the problems for the business owner, and will be only too willing to assist them.

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